Amur leopard

Amur leopard

Latin name : Panthera tigris altaica


  • A little more than 80 surviving individuals can be found inside the most southerly border territory of Primorye, in Russia and in China’s bordering Jilin sector;
  • About 200 individuals live inside zoo environments around the world;
  • Their life span is set between 10 and 15 years in nature and up to 20 years in captivity;
  • Although poaching constitutes a great threat to these animals, their preys are also becoming more and more scarce. Deforestation has also become a stress factor for the species besides forest fires that have increased in the areas where we find the Amur leopard.
  • Distribution

    Northern China, Russia

  • Habitat

    Temperate Rocky Forests

  • Diet


  • Status

    Critically endangered

  • Zoo Zone

    Asia Trail