Japanese macaque

Japanese macaque

Latin name: Macaca fuscata

A Cold Dweller!

  • It is the world's most northerly primate! In winter, its thicker fur allows it to brave colds as low as -20 degrees Celsius!
  • Although it may sometimes bite into eggs, crayfish, snails and insects, it prefers fruit, berries and nuts.
  • It is the most studied species in the world (over 50 years of data). Scientists were able to observe the transmission of a behavior that of washing pieces of seet potatoes that the researchers would throw on the beach in order to to draw them out of the forest.
  • They live in matrilineal groups, meaning that the hierarchy is established between the females around a dominant female. The males gravitate around it and their hierarchic system is much more subject to changes.
  • Although the populations are stable in the wild, the species could be vulnerable to deforestation, notably for road building.
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  • Habitat

    Mixed forests

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  • Status

    Least concern

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