Snow leopard

Snow leopard

Latin name: Panthera uncia

The ghost of the mountains

  • The snow leopard is known as the ghost of the mountains because of its spotted coat which blends into the snow cover.
  • The snow leopard has a rounded head, a muzzle with whiskers, small ears, large legs and a tail that is almost as long as its entire body.
  • Its large, furry paws make it easier to walk in the snow. It has hairy pads that insulate it from the snow, the cold, and any rugged ground surfaces, as well as providing it with a secure adherence on the ground. The air cushions prevent it from sinking into soft snow by increasing the surface area of each paw.
  • Its long, bushy tail serves as a scarf to keep its muzzle warm when resting.
  • The snow leopard is a solitary and opportunistic predator, able to kill prey three times its size.
  • Snow leopards are unable to roar. Instead, they make the characteristic meowing sounds of smaller felines.
  • Height-wise, this superb athlete can easily reach three to four metres (10 to 13 feet) and up to six metres (20 ft) in length.
  • Distribution

    Asie centrale

  • Habitat

    Montagnes (région aride)

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