Andean condor

Andean condor

Latin name: Vultur gryphus

King of the Sky!

  • Its bald head is adapted to the way it feeds: this bird plunges its head inside rotting animal carcasses. The absence of feathers reduces grooming time! 
  • By using warm air currents and its 3,2 m wingspan, the condor can remain in flight for hours, beating its wings only once every hour. Individuals have been witnessed flying to heights of 5,5 km by riding thermal air currents. 
  • This bird possesses a piercing eyesight that allows it to locate preys several kilometers away. 
  • Since the dawn of time, it has been an integral part of South American traditions: it represents a symbol of the soul's liberation in funeral rites. 
  • It is falsely thought by some breeders that it attacks cattle. Some birds die from eating carcasses that were intentionally poisoned to keep foxes and mountain lions at bay.
  • Distribution

    Andes cordillera

  • Habitat


  • Diet


  • Status

    Near threatened

  • Zoo Zone

    The Temple (outside)